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ABC's The Next Best Thing

Lisa Ann Walter: “That’s funny! You really have the look and the sound of him down. I say Yes.”
Elon Gold:“ I like that you came up with original material and still kept true to the character. You’re moving on.”
The producers of the show:“Your audition was so entertaining, Linwood and the judges loved you as well.”
And of course, Michele Merkin, the host, couldn’t keep her hands off me.

Linwood moved on to the top one hundred contestants (not aired), advancing further than any other Austin Powers impersonator.

"Linwood was phenomenal. He far exceeded all of our expectations."

Lisa Tundo
Executive Assistant to Lee Babis 
Roche Pharmaceuticals

"What can we say? Linwood was outrageous and he had more energy than any one I have ever met. I appreciate how seriously he took this role and he was wonderful. We will have to have him back for more."

Rebecca Gantwerk
Public Relations Coordinator
The Pierpont Morgan Library

"Enclosed is a copy of your inspired, spirited performance. You made what would have been a boring, dry, ‘oh, get on with it’ awards show a BLAST! Linwood, you were a huge hit and we are grateful you were available to share your talents with Red Lobster."

Sev Scaglia
Darden Restaurants: 
Red Lobster
The Olive Garden,
Bahama Breeze

"Linwood’s Austin was priceless. I now know why you laughed every time we merely brought up his name when planning the event."

Donald L. Kiel
Design 360

"At a wrap-up meeting afterwards, you were described as "enthralling". This word came from the grown-ups!"

Alden Prouty
Chair, The Church of the Holy Trinity

"Everyone had a marvelous time and was much impressed by your talents. Our membership is grateful for such fine entertainment... I hope that we might have the pleasure of inviting you here once again in the future."

Mart Hulswit
The Actors’ Guild of America

"From Witco Corporation to MasterCard International, he has been instrumental in our success and growth in the private sector and Corporate market. What stands out most about Mr. Harcum is his honesty, reliability, intelligence, unbelievable talent and genuine good demeanor. I don’t often write such a one sided description but I can only sing the praises of Linwood Harcum."

Brett Galley
Owner and Special Events Director of The Hollywood Pop Gallery

Linwood Harcum's Client List

  • AARP  

  • Actors Guild  

  • AT&T and CSC

  • Aveda Institute

  • Bankers Trust

  • Caesars

  • CBS  

  • Chase Bank  

  • Chemical Bank

  • Clients

  • Cody w/ Isabella Roselini

  • Columbia Records

  • Commerce Bank

  • Copacabana

  • Covenant House

  • Cushman Wakefield

  • Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank

  • Deborah Hospital

  • Deloitte & Touché 

  • DKNY

  • Ed Sullivan Theater 

  • Ericsson Phone

  • France Telecom

  • Friends for Life   

  • Golden Marble Awards

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Grammys

  • Greeting Card Awards

  • Grey Poupon 

  • Hasbro

  • Heineken

  • Helena Rubenstien

  • Hilton

  • Hotel Pierre  

  • J.P. Morgan

  • Les Cirque 

  • Marriot Marquis

  • MasterCard

  • McDonalds

  • Mellon Bank

  • Merrill Lynch


  • Millennium Broadway  

  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

  • Mott's

  • Mt Sinai Hospital

  • New Line Cinema

  • New York Palace


  • NYCE Corp

  • Palladium

  • Passat  

  • PepsiCo

  • Planet Hollywood

  • Polygram Records

  • Post No Bills


  • Radio City Music Hall

  • Rainbow Room

  • Red Lobster

  • Restaurant Daniel

  • Ritz Carlton

  • Robin Hood Foundation

  • Rockefeller Center

  • Romeo Gigli

  • Ronald McDonald House

  • Save the Children  

  • Skin Cancer Foundation

  • Smith Barney

  • Sony

  • Symphony Hall

  • Taj Mahal

  • Tavern on the Green

  • The Plaza

  • The Roxy

  • Trump Castle

  • United Nations

  • Victory Theater

  • Volkswagen

  • Weichert Realty 

  • Whitney Ball

  • Windows on the World

  • Yale Club



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